Who's  MeloCat

I believe in doing the right things, then doing the things right.

— Inspired by Peter Drucker

Please, Call Me



My name is Melody. I do a lot of things for cats. I have been rescuing, fostering, helping with rehoming, and most importantly doing consultation for cat parents all over the world. People joke that I must have been a cat in my previous life, I think this has to do with how I somehow know how cats operate…

Over time, that nickname stuck and a lot people outside of my family started to call me MeloCat. I even used that name for my YouTube channel!





Growing up always loved animals, but I had a special place in my heart for cats. Even as a young girl, I had an intuition for cats and how they behaved.

As my mother likes to recall, years ago when I had my first cat, she was quite “hard to predict” and dug its claws in my hand this one time when I was horse-playing with it. But I knew that if just stayed calm and didn't move, and not let it do further damage nor further agitate the cat, I'd get some small puncture wounds for sure, but not the huge gash that my mother was expecting. She was surprised to hear that I understood how I knew to stay calm and how that would also keep the cat at ease. At such a young age I was even able to explain to her that it must be something the cat was upset about that caused her action!

As i moved to Hong Kong I knew that I had to make big changes to my usual cat raising lifestyle as we all live in apartments, meaning less space. After my previous cat died I had a hiatus for a few years as I was working in Taiwan and one day I had the opportunity to adopt a bonded pair- GorGor and MuiMui and started to configure my cat house little by little, I found that I had more than enough for my cats all along. Just needed a little bit of finessing!

Like all of you reading this, I always had the right intentions for my cats, but I didn't know if what I was doing was correct or not. After rescuing, adopting and fostering no less than 200 cats (and other animals) I am confident to say that the content I have to offer is good to enrich you and your cat's lives with the content I make.

With Love from Hong Kong,