Video Podcast Briefing

Hey! Thanks for joining me on my podcast!

Here’s a few tips that will help you get the better audio and video quality.

Lighting: Sit away from bright lamps so that the image isn’t washed out and we can see you clearly. Put a light directly in front of you (or use a ring light!) and don't be afraid to use sunlight from the window in a pinch.

Webcam: Try to position your camera above eye-level. If your camera is too low, your nostrils and ceiling are not to be shown to your audience. Cleaning your webcam will help the image quality quite a bit!

* Please do not use mobile phones as they result in a 4:3 resolution (not pretty)

Framing: Center yourself mid-chest or mid-torso.

Clothing: Try to avoid red and white as they can cause problems with lighting. Brighter colors to stand out.

Background: Neutral backgrounds work better than dark ones. Use a light-gray wall if possible

Audio: If you’ve got an external mic or gaming headset, great! If not, use the earpods that came with your phone, but test them before plugging them into your computer or phone. Make sure your computer or phone is set to use the external mic or headset in Zoom.

Power: Make sure your laptop or phone is plugged in to power - we don’t want to lose you in the middle of the interview!

Internet: Use the most stable internet possible, as we would love a smooth signal for video and audio.

Environment: If possible, please try to keep your house quiet during the interview.


Thanks again for coming on, and I hope to see you soon!