"What is a cat Lifestylist?"

features Mar 22, 2023

Great conversation with Mewla Young, in which I get to share some useful tips and tricks for juggling all of my cats in a Hong Kong apartment. I hope my observations are useful to people who live in apartments, not just parents with multiple cats. It's funny how people frequently refer to my house as a cat paradise, and even the guests and cat professionals I've ever interviewed all said the same thing: they all want to live in my house as a hooman or a cat!

Aside from that, in my experience, having 10 cats is no different than having 5, which may seem counterintuitive to many people. Yes, there is more poop to scoop, more medical bills to pay, and yes, their interactions can become more complex as the number of cats increases. However, based on my observations thus far, I believe that when new cats are introduced into the household, their personalities change for the better. Take, for example, Sir Carlos. He had no friends all these years because he had a habit of "terrifying" my cats, and it wasn't until Professor Cortex arrived that he began to learn how to love.

I hope everyone enjoyed the interview, and I'd like to thank Mewla once more for this wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge with their community!

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